Bose Frames
Client: Bose
Year: 2018




50 years of studying sound to reimagine ways to hear have made Bose both courageous as a company and as a client. Through their tireless pursuit, the Bose name has come to be synonymous with exceptional audio engineering. So when Bose invited us to help them launch a new product born at the intersection of technology, audio experience and fashion, we leapt at the chance to amplify those qualities that everyone loves about Bose and bridge them into a new, unexpected category.

The product, Bose Frames, is the company’s innovative debut into a wholly new way to listen; one that has to be seen and heard to be believed. They’re sunglasses with a soundtrack: each style a classic silhouette with discreet Bluetooth speakers built-in to deliver rich, immersive audio only the wearer can hear. Designed to play parallel to life, listeners can stream music and take calls without tuning out of the world around them.

Bose had found a way to marry two things people love — sunglasses and music — into one seamless idea. So our challenge became clear: how could we capture and amplify the indescribable experience of Bose Frames? And build a bridge between Bose’s legacy of leading-edge technology with the landscape of fashion and culture?

Rather than seek to cleanly resolve differences, our visual system celebrates the tensions at play: between design and engineering, precision and dynamism, the explicit and the implied. The new Bose Frames brand is brought to life by these counterpoints, fueled by a rhythmic spirit of restless experimentation. Working closely with the teams at Bose ensured that the Frames brand evolves the longstanding legacy of the company while launching them into yet another new future—the arena of fashion wearables.

CCO: Matt Luckhurst

Creative Director: Karin Soukup
Design Director: Jules Tardy
Designers: Erik Berger Vaage, Christian Widlic, Kris Wong
Account / Project Manager: Joanna Hobson,  Kirsten Harkonen
Strategists: Karin Soukup
Lifestyle Photography: Daria Kobayashi
Product Photography: Mari Juliano

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